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share mixtapes
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This community is all about mixtapes/cd's, post your tracklists here, share them with other people. Ask people for advice about song etc. etc.


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There are a couple of rules in this community

-No world wide international superstar songs (for people who dont understand this; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer lopez)
-Don't be rude
-Don't promote communities that don't have anything to do with this community
-If you promote a community with a banner, use a lj-cut
-Use lj cuts when you post a lot of pictures or just big pictures

feel free to introduce yourself


22-20's, a ghost devotion, adam green, air, alice in chains, alternative, apocalyptica, ash, babyshambles, belle & sebastian, black rebel motorcycle club, bloc party, blondie, blur, bright eyes, britpop, cake, carl barât, cave in, client, coldplay, counting crows, damien rice, dave grohl, david & the citizens, david bowie, david fridlund, doves, eagles of death metal, elefant, elvis costello, faithless, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, frente, gem, gigs, godspeed you black emperor, green lizard, grunge, hole, incubus, indie, interpol, jamiroquai, jane's addiction, janis joplin, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, john frusciante, john lennon, joni mitchell, jonny greenwood, joy division, kaiser chiefs, kasabian, killing joke, kings of leon, kyuss, led zeppelin, live, lou reed, mando diao, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, massive attack, melissa auf der maur, michael franti & spearhead, mp3, mp3's, muse, music, new order, nine black alps, nirvana, no doubt, oasis, pavement, pearl jam, pete doherty, phoenix, pink floyd, pixies, placebo, probot, prodigy, r.e.m., radiohead, rage against the machine, razorlight, red hot chili peppers, rock, royksopp, ryan adams, share music, silverchair, simon & garfunkel, snow patrol, sonic youth, sons & daughters, soundgarden, soundtracks, supergrass, system of a down, tapes, the clash, the cure, the datsuns, the distillers, the doors, the flaming lips, the gathering, the hives, the killers, the kills, the libertines, the mars volta, the others, the radio dept., the ramones, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the strokes, the subways, the thrills, the velvet underground, the verve, the vines, the von bondies, the walkmen, the white stripes, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, the zutons, travis, vinyl, west side story, yeti, zornik