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3 Mixtapes

Mix Tape 1: Français Vaguement

01 Je Ne Te Connais Pas-Prototypes
02 Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie-Belle & Sebastian
03 Chanson Du Bon Chose-The Mountain Goats
04 Michelle-The Beatles
05 Une Annee Sans Lumiere-Arcade Fire
06 L'Amour Avec Toi-Michel Polnareff
07 Femme Fatale-The Velvet Underground & Nico
08 Jacqueline-Franz Ferdinand
09 Idioteque-Radiohead
10 Le Voyage de Penelope-AIR
11 Le Garage-The Futureheads
12 L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours-Feist
13 Rue De Lis-The Essex Green
14 Belle-Jack Johnson
15 Ooh La La-The Faces

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Mix Tape 2: If I Was To Ever Make A Film, This Would Be The Soundtrack

01 Slow Education-The Silver Jews
02 Dog On Wheels-Belle & Sebastian
03 Our Secret-Beat Happening
04 Rainbows In The Dark-Tilly and the Wall
05 Mushaboom-Feist
06 No Growing-The Olivia Tremor Control
07 Postcards From Italy-Beirut
08 Fly Over The City-Chas. Mtn.
09 Emma's House-The Field Mice
10 Lucky Wind-Orillia Opry
11 Laughing Stock-Love
12 Age of Consent-New Order
13 Then And Not A Moment Before-The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
14 Velocity Girl-Primal Scream
15 Color In Your Cheeks-The Mountain Goats
16 The News From Your Bed-Bishop Allen
17 My Friend And The Ink-Shout Out Louds
18 Raised By Wolves-Voxtrot
19 Winter Must Be Cold-Apples in Stereo
20 Oh Comely (live) -Jeff Mangum
21 Streets of Fire-The New Pornographers
22 Kodachrome-Paul Simon

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Mix Tape 3: Girl Power, OR, Yes, I Couldn't Think of A Better Name For This Collection of Strong Female Vocals Than A Catchphrase Popularized By The Spice Girls

01 Modern Girl-Sleater-Kinney
02 Extraordinary Machine-Fiona Apple
03 Why Did You Stay-The Pipettes
04 Crude Bomb-The Evens
05 Puzzle Pieces-Tiger Trap
06 What Fades First-The Aislers Set
07 Bunk Trunk Skunk-Be Your Own Pet
08 The Greatest-Cat Power
09 Bad Education-Tilly and the Wall
10 Ocean City Girl-Ivy
11 Samson-Regina Spektor
12 Free Man In Paris-Joni Mitchell
13 Uniform-The Essex Green
14 Our Time-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15 All New Friends-Dirty On Purpose
16 Ageless Beauty-Stars
17 Dancing With Myself-Nouvelle Vague
18 Sport Most Royal-Miaow
19 Big Infatuation-The Long Blondes
20 Tell You Now-Le Tigre
21 Scott Pilgrim (EP Version)-Plumtree
22 Underground-Kimya Dawson
23 Hounds of Love-Kate Bush
24 Eternal Flame-Joan As Police Woman
25 Rock And Roll Girl-The Icicles
26 Debbie Loves Joey-Helen Love
27 Teenager-Camera Obscura

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